I was introduced to Gaya by a good friend, on 11th October 2011 during an incredibly stressful and traumatic period in my life.  My friend had seen Gaya herself for some ‘guidance’ and texted me out of the blue, giving her name and number, simply saying – this lady is incredible and may just be able to help.   At the time I was in a car, in busy Singapore, after dropping my daughter off at school and my wife was sat next to me and in a complete emotional mess (I and other friends felt she was having some kind of breakdown).  I read the text and thought to myself ‘what have I got to lose?’.
I think it is appropriate to set the scene a little, as this will give some context to what happened next.  When I look back and add up the list of ‘life events’ that we had experienced in the previous two years up to this point, it was no wonder that cracks were beginning to appear.  I had been made redundant after 28 years service with a major bank, whilst living and working in Singapore.  We had then decided to return to the UK to be close to my mother who was diagnosed with cancer.  I lost my mother and father within six months, started a new job and moved house three times in the space of a year.  We then decided – on a whim – to leave the the Island of Jersey (UK) and try and pick up our lives in Singapore where we had left off – the straw that broke the camels back as it turned out!  Five weeks into our return my wife lost it and broke down.  It felt like our once wonderful and exciting life had been turned on its head and was now full of uncertainty.  For once in my life, I did not have any answers and I didn’t know what to do for the best.  Linked to this was a desire to do the best our six year old adopted daughter.  I was riddled with guilt, had no idea how to fix things and my once strong and confident wife was now an emotional wreck.
Enter Gaya!  If I am honest, I really didn’t know what to expect, because all my friend had told me in her text was that ‘Gaya is an incredible lady’ that had guided her through a crisis and that she may be able to help me.  So here I was sat with Gaya, a lovely, calming lady, who very quickly tuned into my life and issues and set about presenting answers – which all made perfect sense.  Again and if I’m honest, I was initially a little shocked to hear Gaya say words like ‘her guides were telling her this….and she was seeing that….’.  I had no idea I was meeting someone with a spiritual gift and to be honest had I known, I may not have visited as I have always been a sceptic in such things.  So it was clear that she possessed some kind of sixth sense that allowed her to see into my life and then see what was the right path for me and my family. 
Suffice to say, Gaya’s guidance was exceptional, she certainly doesn’t sit on the fence and we are talking decisive input here.  For example – she picked up immediately that Singapore was not a good place for us as a family.  It had been good, but it was time to move on as it would drain us of our hard earned savings and did not sit with my need for a more spiritual existence in a calmer place.  Wow!  Bomb shell!  We had only been back five weeks and Gaya was telling me to leave!  But instinctively, I knew she was right.  There was something about her calm, but confident delivery, that just made sense.  There wasn’t any hesitation or ambiguity, she just said it as she ‘heard it’ and I personally took great comfort from this.  Here I was, getting some very clear instructions on how to sort our lives out.  It was as if she was looking into a crystal ball and telling me which path to take.  
Well we left Singapore within a couple of weeks and relocated back to the Island of Jersey, which Gaya had mentioned was going to be a good place to regroup and replenish the bank account. She also had some very valuable advice for my wife of whom she knew nothing about, having never met her or me discussing her.  She wasn’t having a breakdown, her symptoms were part of the menopause and she should see her Doctor the moment we returned to Jersey.  Bang on again.  She also gave me the confidence to start my own business, which I did after a short detour back into banking.  This has proved to be successful too.  
Gaya remains a guide that I turn to when I don’t see ‘the answers’ too clearly myself.  She has a special talent and incredible foresight – I really don’t know how else to explain it, but it works! I have since spoken with Gaya a few more times and each and every time I receive such valuable guidance from her.  I am now living in Spain – and yes Gaya told me there was lots of energy in Spain about two years ago on our second meeting – where we are well and truly on the path to our dream life.
I once asked Gaya how she had gotten into being a spiritual life coach and she told me that her mother always told her that she had a special antenna!  She had graduated and first followed a conventional path as a management consultant for a leading consultancy firm, but left to follow her passion or calling.  Thank goodness she did!
If I were to summarise the reasons I would recommend Gaya, then if like me, your life was at rock bottom, then what have you got to lose?  That said, having ‘a Gaya’ in ones life, should not just be about seeking guidance when everything is at a low point, it is also invaluable when you just need a guiding light.  I once heard life described as driving a car down a dark road where the headlights only illuminate the next few meters.  Gaya, helps to tell you not only what is around the corner, but what is on and over the horizon!
Thank you for moving me closer to my dream Gaya, you are a very special and gifted lady.
Mark Brider
Sotogrande, Spain

 March 2014


I was introduced to Gaya through a personal friend who had also had a life changing experience. My life at that time was a particular low point with no clear vision of how to pull myself out of the depths.Gaya met me within 24 hours of my crisis and set to work on clearing my mind and changing my thinking. Knowing nothing about ‘life skills coaching’ I was a bit reticent to believe and feel everything she was giving me, but after a week or so things began to change. I saw affirmations almost immediately, felt more positive, had more energy and could see maybe I did have a path to follow out of my misery. I was determined to adhere to all of her guidelines but found it difficult and told her so every time we met. The answer was always the ‘pen is in your hand’.Soon I was discovering how powerful my manifestations and meditations were. I had a major affirmation that I would never have believed if someone else had told me. The universe had to do so many things for me so that I could have a trip – it was truly amazing. At that point I knew there was no going back to the way I was before. My thinking and being had changed. I believed.

Each week we met, Gaya always had more words of wisdom, more tools for me and more joy to give. I am very grateful. Now my 12 sessions are over, I thought I may not cope without her guidance but I was wrong, I just close my eyes and hear her words and carry on.

If someone were to ask me to sum up in one phrase what I have learnt and taken way from my time with Gaya, I would have to say “THE PEN IS FIRMLY IN MY HAND, THANK YOU’.

Catherine Sas-Skowronski (Mrs)

It was like a prayer answered how Mrs. Gaya crossed my path. Perhaps the universe has sensed my desperation for help and she was sent to me, to help and guide me through a very traumatic period of my life.

Mrs. Gaya’s contact was passed to me by a close friend of mine. She was supposed to work on a project with Mrs. Gaya’s husband. That did not work out but what came out of this meeting was the contact she made for Mrs. Gaya and me.

I remembered my first meeting with Mrs. Gaya. It was at the coffee club at Ngee Ann City. I was lost, desperate and depressed. My first impression of Mrs. Gaya was that she was like a ray of light made of positive and good energy. She gave me hope that I could climb out of the dark, gloomy abyss I was in. She said the universe has sent her to me. I am grateful that she has appeared in my life, in my time of need.

I had a 12 weeks session with Mrs. Gaya. During these 12 weeks, she has guided me step by step, how to climb out of the black hole that I was in. She helped me gained back my confidence, to focus on my goals and to be grateful to all that I have in life.

Mrs. Gaya guided me on how to give value on what I do, how to reach out for opportunities, to have a correct mindset, that I have the ability to reach all that I have hoped for and I do deserve to enjoy the good things in life…
From the first time we met till now, months have passed. She has morphed me from an insecure, self doubting girl with low self esteem to a confident woman who knows what she wants and knows how to get it.

I am now a confident person who is not afraid to stand my ground, a person who has learn how to value and respect myself, my capabilities and a person who is not afraid to go out and achieve what she wants.

With this correct mindset that Mrs. Gaya has taught me, good things have indeed been happening to me. I have attracted the right people into my life, job opportunities have also started to come my way.

I am very happy to have met Mrs. Gaya. and grateful for all that she has taught me and made me the confident, strong person I am now.

Winnie Chin

I met Gaya last November to start my life coaching course. At that time, I was at a crossroad in my life. I was not unhappy, nor was I unfulfilled, but I felt a little hollow inside.

At my first lesson, Gaya asked me to list the things that were important to me, and immediately I realized how much I have moved away from the core of my being. I have become what other people expected of me, wanted of me, and I have become someone who wanted to please and wanted to be liked.

Gaya is compassionate and perceptive, and taught me not to stay in the haze. She got me to think that good things are “happening to me now” and with the visualization techniques, I was able to manifest great things for myself.
I was able to learn compassion and to cease judgment, which was enormously useful because it took a lot of anger and resentment away from my heart. I was able to look at certain people with kindness, and realize their goodness, when I stopped putting my personal judgment on them. With that simple exercise, a lot of envy, anger and resentment left my heart and I was able to move on and have a much better relationship with the people I had previously disliked and had painstakingly avoided.

Gaya showed me all the great things in my life that I had taken for granted, and that the first lesson I should learn is to “give the best present away”. That was a difficult lesson because I was intrinsically selfish and fearful of loss, but when I saw how much I was blessed with, I realized this was a great lesson that Gaya has taught.

I would definitely recommend Gaya to anyone who needs guidance in their lives, or just simply to help them find their way. We live in such a noisy world with so many distractions, and it is with the wisdom and patience of someone like Gaya, can we find our true path.

Many thanks to Gaya!

Erica Lai

Gaya has been my regular reader for a few years now and her insights have always been spot on. She picks up on people and situations around with great detail and confidence.

I appreciate her for her honesty as well as the sound advice she gives me. I always feel that my wellbeing is always put first.

Initially I would go and have a consultation with her about specific areas I wanted to focus on. But after forging a wonderful friendship with this genuine and caring lady, I trust her to bring through the information that was meant for me. Her predictions always come true. She has never failed me. Gaya is warm and kind but she will be firm with you if you lack the self-discipline which holds you back from what and who can become.

Sharon Ang

This is to testify that Gaya coached me on the “art of manifesting”.

I was diagnosed with a brain tumor, at the stage when the coaching began. It was a very challenging and difficult time for me and my family. The evening, before I had to undergo brain surgery, Gaya gave me a copy of “The Secret”, which formed the basis of our coaching sessions.

Gaya helped me to change my negative thoughts into positive thoughts. As a result of Gaya’s coaching, I was able to focus only on what I want, and to eliminate most negative thoughts from my thinking process. We also worked on a Vision Board that articulated what I wanted to do with my rest of my life. I also had to list, on a daily basis, ten things that I am grateful for and I had to incorporate meditation as part of my daily routine.

The most important aspect of the coaching exercise was to prepare myself for the follow up visit with the Oncologist and to manifest complete health .I am happy to report, that with Gaya’s guidance I was able to manifest, a clean bill of health. The Dr confirmed that I have no cancer.

Gaya brought to bear many sterling qualities in her role as coach

  • her complete faith and believe in the art of manifesting.
  • her acute sense of empathy
  • her highly developed listening skills
  • her spiritual orientation to life

Yolanda Sing

Over the past three years the life of my family has been has been a tale of mystics, miracles and a journey so sacred that as a result I have undergone a complete life transformation.

On our arrival in Singapore  I found Gaya, I had no idea that my life would once again change in such a significant way by meeting with her, and I would now like to share with everyone that is lucky enough to cross paths with her what our life with miracles has been all about.

Just under two years ago our second child was born at 24 weeks.  She weighed a mere .625grams.  Her  body was not properly formed and she was like a tiny little bird.  I had been in hospital on bed rest for 6 weeks leading up to her arrival due to massive amounts of bleeding.  During this time I was told everyday that today I needed to be prepared to lose our child.  This was something that I did not except, we had already lost one and we had one at home that was desperate for her little sister to come into the world.

It was at this time that I really started to talk to God and ask for help, I never for one moment believed that I would lose this child and I knew in my heart that she was strong.  I just had to get her to the point that she could be born and the medical world would treat her as a viable baby and fight for her life as hard as I had been fighting for it.

Willow was born at 24 weeks, my body knew at this time it was safe to let go and that she would have enough strength to do it on her own.  Willow had such a small chance of survival and if she survived we were told in great detail what her outcome would most likely be and it was one that did not hold much hope.  I did not talk to the doctors, I couldn’t, I knew that we would be different, I knew that we would be one of the miracle stories that would blow the medical profession away, I let my husband listen but I could not be part of believing anything but what I believed in my heart.

I chose to trust in my child, trust in my husband that we could make this work and that of course God would look after her.  He went above and beyond and today she is a very happy and healthy toddler. From the minute she was born she started performing her own miracles.  First of all she survived and her brain was fine, her lungs were fine, her heart was not but right before she was prepped for surgery she decided to close the big whole that was in her heart all on her own.  The cardiac team was spellbound and the excitement she generated was amazing.  She was going blind with a disease that extreme premature babies get and she now with the help of surgery has brilliant vision.

Our biggest miracle is that now as of three weeks ago willow has been given the complete clear medically.  She since birth has had ongoing surgery s from a critical issue with her airway.  Twice we nearly saw our baby girl die from this but she overcame it and once again blessed us with the miracle of her life.

When Gaya came into my life we were coming out the other end of willows story, our family was seeing the light again but we were tired.  My husband had been by choice unemployed due to her condition and he as like I had,  suffered an enormous amount of trauma.  He of course is back in the world again thanks to our angel Gaya but that is his story.

My miracles are that Gaya has helped me to find myself again.  She has helped guide me that I am so much more than an amazing mother to my beautiful girls and of course an incredible wife to my beautiful husband.   I too have a lot to personally offer the world.  I am so overwhelmed at all that we have been shown and all that we have been gifted with in regards to willow, it has been the most amazing spiritual journey I could have ever been blessed with.

Through Gaya I have been able to take what I have learnt and create from those lessons.  I have been able to stand up and be strong for my family and now we are so blessed to have two beautiful healthy and happy little girls.  As a unit we have so much love again and passion for life, our priorities are vastly different to what they were prior to our lessons.

Gaya showed me that the reason that I had willow was so that I could help children and other people that had experienced similar situations to us.  I am now writing a book about willows journey and my hope is that if I can just give hope to one other mother who was as scared for their baby as I was then I will be so happy.

In a few weeks I am travelling to India to be a part of I-India’s street child project.  This is my own personal miracle; never in a million years did I think that I could be part of something this special and important.  In my meeting with Gaya she indicated that I would be doing something very special but then she held back as she needed me to figure it out for myself, I know in my heart that this is what she was talking about.  Through my child and the lessons she has taught me I am going to be able to help other children, God could not have granted me a more privileged, beautiful blessing in the whole world.

Gaya is still very much in our lives, she is our truth and I look at her like my teacher.  If I ever move from my path I can trust Gaya to get me right back on it and very quickly!  What Gaya’s eyes are open to is a pure gift and there is only everything to gain from inviting her into your lives.  What she has done for my family I could never thank her enough for, so once again Gaya thank you so much, you have been our very very blessed miracle.

Love always

Kellie Filer

I first met Gayathri at  a Holistic Fair held at Fort Canning. My father had talked about meditation and New age beliefs every once in a while so I had an idea what the Holistic Fair was like. I happened to be at a booth where there was a reader lady who pointed to us that Gaya  sitting across was very good with her pyschic readings. So we queued up for our turn to see her.
When my turn came, I sat facing her and she asked me what I would like to ask her. At that moment lots of things were running across my mind . Then out of the blue, she asked me,” So what’s this with your mother-in-law?” point blank. I was stunned, because I was actually having major issues with my mother-in-law and Gaya saw right through my head.
I remembered my hairs literally stood on ends and I had goosebumps. I laughed and said to Gaya,” You are for real!….”
She just smiled . Throughout the short session, she spot on things I had thought of and wanted to ask, and she gave very good sound advice. I felt wonderful and could not get over her accuracy and intuitive insights into my life.

Many weeks later, I decided to see Gaya again, this time on a longer session as I was going through a tough time with everything in my life. From disorder in my family to personal relationship with my other half to my children’s wellbeing.
This time she used angel/tarot cards to do my readings and whatever appeared in her cards was truth in my life. Two things in particular came up. One of which when she turned the card over, said that I was to have a new home and I would be moving. I told Gaya that it was puzzling because I had just recently moved into a new place already. The other truth that appeared in her card showed that I would be in a wedding gown in the near future. Gaya looked surprised then, so I smiled sheepishly at her and told her that my other half and I  were not officially married yet even though we already had two kids, so there was a possibility that we would be getting married in church the proper way eventually. So that explained why she saw a wedding gown in her card. See how accurate she was?!

About a few months later, Gaya’s reading about my shifting to a new place came true. We sold our wonderful studio and made some profit from it, something which I never thought would happen so soon as we only lived there for a year plus. Right after the sale was signed, the first thought that came to me was to call Gaya and tell her the news. Amazing! What she read came through little by little. She had also shown me ways to help myself in terms of self manifestations. My other half had run into some financial trouble with the credit lines and Gaya imparted to us ways to help ourselves out of it and to believe. Positive thoughts. Selling our apartment and making a good enough profit to pay off outstanding debts with the banks was one of the things that happened and saved us. Gaya had told us to think “Debt free”.

Gaya is an amazing lady with amazing ability to read people accurately. I never fail to leave her sessions feeling very uplifted and positive, Gaya, you are a truly loving and wonderful gift from God , like an angel sent to help damsels in distress, Thank you so very much! God Bless;)

Sim Orleen Doll






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