About Gaya


I am an Australian Clairvoyant Medium and have been in full time practice for nearly 14 years. I am also a Life & Entrepreneur Coach trained by Results Coaching Systems and went onto being an assistant trainer for their coaching and intuitive coaching programs. I am also a Reiki Master, Certified Angel Intuitive, Sacred Contract Consultant, International Trainer, Inspirational Speaker, Corporate Accountant, Performing Artist and a Creative Spirited Woman. Constantly upgrading my skills  is so important to me as I believe that I can serve my clients better. I am certified by Dr Carol Look as an Abundance EFT Practitioner, I am a certified Law Of Attraction Facilitator. I am also an EFT Level 2 Practitioner. I am currently doing my PhD in Metaphysics and am a six sensory teacher. I believe that by investing in learning from the best their specialities I am able to give you my clients, the best tools so that you can transform your lives in the shortest possible time.

My spiritual gifts were nurtured from young by my mother my mentor and later on by the great masters from around the globe. I left my corporate life to pursue a full time career as a clairvoyant medium, a transformational coach and trainer. I have always known that I am only an instrument of the divine and am passionate about empowering my clients to be deliberate creators of their desired life. Besides my readings I also offer Transformational Life & Business Coaching to my clients.

I have been blessed by the divine to be featured in the Shape magazine, Seventeen magazine, Sydney Morning Herald and the Sun-Herald. I have also appeared on channel nine television network in Australia for the Tsunami Interfaith Memorial Service. I have had the great privilege of speaking at the Sun Festival Singapore on the Law Of Attraction when Dr Deepak Chopra was their featured Guest Speaker.

As a clairvoyant medium my dream and vision is to continue to share my many spiritual gifts with all my clients internationally.

Love and light,