Mentoring Sessions are valuable if you’re ready to make that change you have been so afraid of. It is a strong commitment you make to yourself and to those around you to change your thoughts and change your life for the better. I would consider it to be an honour & a privilege to be your coach & mentor and journey with you.

Some of the benefits from working with me one to one are:

I am there to help you stay on course by supporting and mentoring you.

I will share with you tried and tested tools that will help you align with your highest potential.

Changing your mindset and clearing those limiting beliefs.

Claiming ownership for the story of your life and being accountable for every action you take.

Understanding how the Law Of Attraction works and enjoying the manifestation process.

Our Journey Together

Our session takes place on the phone, via Skype or in person depending on your preference, with 3 session a month lasting 45-60minutes. The last week of the month is  the time for implementing and consolidating your learning journey. I currently offer 3 and 6 month packages. 

My Ideal Clients are those who are ready to take that leap, are committed and passionate about their goals, are light workers and are open to changing their mindsets that no longer serve them. If you think that is you and are really ready and eager to get started contact me via emailing and together let us create your brilliant future you’ve been ready for.

Love & Light,